3D Illustration

We focus on 3D software as our medium for illustration. 3D sofware offers the greatest flexiblity when it comes to illustration. Lighting, backgrounds, product labels, colors, prototype design, all are easily updated once they are in 3D formats — no need to arrange for a photoshoot! Using a variety of 3d and 2D applications, we offer photo realistic renderings for your technical drawings. We can import your CAD files and embellish them to make them even more illustrative and life-like. Final rendered images can be created for video as well as for printing.

“I have been working with Tangent for almost 20 years. Tangent is an irrreplaceable asset to my design business and my clients’ needs. His thoroughness, work ethic, knowledge, fair pricing and honesty are unmatched. Tangent is like no other vendor!”
Dandelion Design, East Nassau, NY